Airskin Safety

There’s a growing demand in industrial robotics to enable people to safely and closely collaborate with robots. One of the requirements to make this a reality is reliable detection of collisions anywhere on the robot’s surface. With proper technology in place, the robot can be stopped in time to prevent harming people or damaging objects or the robot and tools.

AirSkin is a safety sensor solution that covers the entire surface of the robot with a soft, tactile skin. Our unique approach to the problem allows us to manufacture the sensor in almost any shape and size. The sensor solution is lightweight, cost effective and can even be applied to large industrial robots, gripper and fixtures.

AirSkin is an add-on solution to retrofit most existing industrial robots to make them safe for collaboration and get rid of the fence. We also develop custom AirSkin solutions to fit any new robot.


Key Features

  • Soft, tactile, add-on sensor solution for industrial safety
  • Performance Level e
  • for robots and grippers
  • cost effective solution to replace fences
  • fast installation, simple integration