Desire for practical and flexible safety solutions for robots and grippers.

Desire to go fenceless.

Uncertainty about feasibility and normative situation.


Our Approach

Our approach is pragmatic: The AIRKSIN collision sensor is a comprehensive safety cover for robots and grippers. It is quickly installed and connects directly to the robot controller instead of a safety fence and thus enables collaborative applications.


AIRSKIN Safety Standards

AIRSKIN operates on the highest safety level. The system is ISO 13849 Cat. 3 / PLe safety certified and ideal for ISO / TS 15066 compliant applications.



Robot and gripper are fully covered with soft AIRSKIN pads, including clamping and shearing areas. In the event of a collision between the robot and an employee or an object, the collision sensor responds and instantly triggers an emergency stop. Additionally, the soft pads dampen the effects of force that could occur until the machine finally comes to a standstill.


Quick and Easy

The design of AIRSKIN design is user-friendly: a snap-on system ensures quick installation and easy maintenance. Even untrained employees can install AIRSKIN on a robot in less than 30 minutes. As AIRSKIN is connected to the robot like a traditional safety fence, there are no unexpected challenges in programming.  

Management Benefits

AIRSKIN plug and play saves you time and costs when integrating collaborative applications. Moreover, the safety cover helps you to eliminate fences, use your shopfloor more efficiently and improve your machine utilization while increasing quality and productivity of your production.  

New perspectives for production employees

Ideally, the division of tasks between humans and robots is a combination of the respective strengths of both partners: Robots are made to perform simple, repetitive and ergonomically inappropriate tasks that would harm the employee in the long term. The worker though can turn to new and more complex tasks. After the first successful collaborative application, production staff independently finds and implements new application areas for cobots.


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