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  • When you need your floor space for other machinery.

    If you have to deal with traffic around the production cell and the laser scanners halt the robot too often, failing to deliver on the required cycle time. With AIRSKIN® you can maintain scheduled output without disruption. 

    When you have to move your robot cell to different locations from time to time, and you want all your safety equipment on the robot.

    When you need your staff to work at different stations and want a robot to assist to take over some tasks.

  • Yes. Over the past years we have collected a lot of experience and we will assist you in planning true fenceless, collaborative applications. Please contact one of our safety experts for this matter.

  • With laser scanners there are two main issues:

    a) Required space. The laser scanner needs to look far enough in order to react in time and stop the robot whenever someone walks into the safety barrier. In addition, the length of the arms of a human have to be added around the production cell, so no one can reach into the robot work-zone.

    b) Cycle time. Every time someone passes by and enters the scanner area, the robot is stopped, causing the cycle time to increase.