Bronze Winner in Edison Awards™ 2019

New York, April 4, 2019:

Blue Danube Robotics is a Bronze Winner of the 2019 Edison Awards™ in the category Robotics!

From a set of competitive nominees, AIRSKIN®, our pressure sensitive skin for industrial robots and end-of-arm-tooling, that enables safe and efficient human robot collaboration, was selected by a panel of more than 3,000 leading business executives including past award winners, academics and leaders in the fields of product development, design, engineering, science and medical.

The Edison Awards™

The Edison Awards™ is an annual competition honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation. Past winners have included Fortune 500s, small start-ups, and everything in between. The value of an Edison Award™ is powerful in terms of its ability to boost recognition and market visibility and provides an unbiased 3rd-party endorsement that delivers an affirmation of superior quality — a confirmation that can reach customers in a way that marketing and advertising alone cannot.

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The Edison Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the most innovative new products, services and business leaders in the world.