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Upgrade KUKA's wide portfolio of industrial robots to build truly fenceless applications with AIRSKIN.

KUKA cybertech 2 robot covered with airskin

Best of 2 worlds

Benefit from the KUKA eco-system and its wide range of robots & tools. Combine it with AIRSKIN® to reduce your robot footprint by up to 90%.

Add safety

Choose the right robot & tool for your application and then add AIRSKIN® to make a safe, truly fenceless collaborative application.


Benefit from fast industrial robots with 
collaborative speeds of up to 1 m/sec, with a payload from 6 to 22 kg and
reach from 900 to 2010 mm. 

Fenceless KUKA Agilus 2

Our pressure-sensitive AIRSKIN® upgrades the new Agilus 2 robots to fast and safe collaborative applications. The AIRSKIN® Safetyflange provides the necessary safety to the EoATs and thus provides a superior alternative to cobots. Available from 6 to 10 kg payload and 900 to 1100 mm reach, this Agilus 2 robot becomes fenceless with AIRSKIN® and provides your cells with the best of both worlds.

fenceless kuka agilus 2 robot covered with airskin

Fenceless KUKA Cybertech

For more payload and reach, the entire Cybertech series is available with AIRSKIN®. Cybertech 2 and 1 series with a payload range of 12 to 22 kg and reaches of 1610, 1810 and 2010 mm.

Features include the integrated energy chain underneath the AIRSKIN® for all your cables and hoses. The design is optimized for installation and maintenance and connects easily via X11 safety.

With the newly developed Safetyflange P for palletizing applications, the Cybertech with AIRSKIN® is a truly unique solution on the market for parcels up to 12 kg and 10 picks per minute applications. 

fenceless KUKA cybertech collaborative robot covered with airskin

Discuss your needs with
our safety experts

asked questions

  • In addition to the Agilus and Cybertech series, we are working on the Iontec and Quantec series to be ready in 2021. For more details, please contact our sales team.

  • No, we are focussed on providing AIRSKIN for the wide range of medium and heavy KUKA robots.

  • Sure. They can help you with your purchase and installation of AIRSKIN®.