AIRSKIN® for fenceless
screwdriving applications

fenceless robotic screwing application with a robot that is covered with AIRSKIN

Create open production lines with AIRSKIN®


Reduce required workforce by adding a robot for fastening screws in the same workspace.

Semi-Automatic or fully automatic screwing systems available.

Use larger robots with more reach to operate multiple screwing stations with only one robot.

Certified safety with AIRSKIN®

AIRSKIN® Module Pads system is the cost-effective solution to quickly and easily add safety.
Have complete confidence your workers can be safe in the environment where the robot is operating.

Robots equipped with AIRSKIN module pads


OnRobot Screwdriver

For semi-automatic screwing.

Stöger and Weber Systems

Fully automatic screwing systems available.


Easily use custom nut runners and other equipment on robots equipped with AIRSKIN. 

Get more out of your robot applications with AIRSKIN®

Discuss your screwing
requirements with us