visual inspection applications

fenceless robotic visual inspection by a robot that is covered with AIRSKIN

Make your robots more accessible and flexible by equipping them with AIRSKIN®

Carry heavy payload metrology equipment. Up to 2 m reach for your inspection and 3D scanning tasks. 

Benefit from the realibility and accuracy of an industrial robot, but without a fence.

Protect your expensive EOAT against crashes by covering it with AIRSKIN. Or by using our compliant Safetyflange.

Solve your visual inspection challenges with AIRSKIN®


Flush and Gap Measurement

When a long reach to access all gaps on one side of the car is required, we recommend the KUKA Cybertech with 2 m reach. This is an ideal application, as the moving assembly line does not allow fencing.



When you are using a Cognex Insight or Dataman camera to read barcodes, or the Keyence system to check for surface defects, we recommend the KUKA Agilus. This robot is perfectly equipped with all the features of an industrial robot. The KUKA Agilus will give you the the accuracy and interfaces needed for this application. 

AIRSKIN fenceless robot application

Visual inspection with AIRSKIN® in action


Small footprint

Use proven industrial robots with minimum footprint.

Fast Installation

Easy set-up, simple interface. Seamless integration into your maintenance schedule. 

Cabling made safe

We provide collaborative cabling options for your cables.

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